talia silva


Toronto, ON

Talia’s explorations in porcelain and stoneware are created to encourage wonder, contemplation and meaningful connection between object and person. Pensive and often tactile, the objects Talia creates playfully inquire our place in the natural world and reflect on the temporal and cyclical nature of being.


Talia studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design and is currently living and working in Toronto, Ontario. Her inspiration comes from nature, exploration, stillness, energy, psychology, philosophy, the interconnection of it all!

On her process:

Talia's work consists of slipcasted porcelain and stoneware. Most of her pieces are individually carved by hand, sanded to a smooth finish, and either left natural or inlayed with an underglaze. 

A wax resist is used for black and white mugs and tumblers (mishima technique). Her speckled pieces have 3-4 layers of underglaze applied prior to being fully glazed. 

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