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Vancouver, BC

Allysha Hurd, the artist behind Studio A Ceramics, found a deep interest in the arts at a young age. She begun creating with anything she could get her hands on; drawing, painting, collage, clay, and everything else in between! Eventually, this led her to the Fine Arts diploma program at Langara College, where she really found her love of clay. 

After finishing the program at Langara, Allysha moved on to Emily Carr university where she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Following school, she had the opportunity to participate in a residency at Claytek Studios that has eventually led to her current studio technician/studio manager/pottery instructor position.


"I love teaching and working with creatives; it’s really rewarding to help people see their ideas come to fruition. I’ve always been inspired by nature and the idea of bringing beauty and art into everyday life. Using a beautifully hand crafted mug or bowl with your tea or cereal can only enhance the entire experience!


I love the way clay can be both hard and soft, is sensitive but sturdy and has a memory of the maker in its entirety. Ceramics is a very humbling medium to work with. It's a constant learning, experimenting, and growing experience. Many life lessons can be learned working with clay and for these reasons I love working with it." 

Allysha currently works with a midrange white clay, and her pieces are primarily wheelthrown. Continuously working and experimenting with glazes and their different techniques, her current collection features pieces that are adorned with delicate pastel-coloured glazes.

Photos by Claudette Carracedo Photography.

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