sarah sears

contemporary metalsmith + designer

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Sarah Sears graduated from NSCAD University in 2013, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Jewellery Design + Metalsmithing.


Upon graduating, Sarah went to New York and interned at Anna Sheffield/ Bing Bang Jewelry. This is where Sarah learned many tricks of the trade and came back to Nova Scotia to launch her own eponymous line ‘Sarah Sears Jewelry’.


Her inspiration comes from lands afar, the landscape in Nova Scotia, and architecture and furniture design. Recently, Sarah has branched into object design and fabrication with a series of balancing vases that explore the use of patina to achieve variations of colour on metal. This
process is also being used in her latest collection of jewellery which also incorporates unique hand-cut gemstones often sourced in Nova Scotia.


about her work... 

"This newest collection is a revisit to what I know best. I think in many ways it pays an homage to Nova Scotia’s surroundings. I’ve spent most of my life here and for the longest time I sourced my inspiration from elsewhere (when travelling), which I am sure I will continue to do. But, I think these new pieces have a real elements of the earth feel.


The blue/ green patinas that I have been creating on metal are essentially an expedited process of what happens to metal over time when being exposed to the natural elements. You may notice copper roofs that turn green, or bronze pipes or fittings on buildings turning the same greenish blue.

For my process, I mostly use ammonia and salt. I then put the piece in a tightly sealed container for a 24-hour period and then let it dry out in the sun. It’s a long process and very interesting as the results always differ depending on the humidity, climate, and more.


In the winter, my blues have been much darker, and in the summer, lighter and brighter. It is fun to try out different recipes and techniques. Even though I use a fixative to keep it protected, it is likely to change even more so with time, and hopefully for the better!

I also like to use gemstones in my work, and am always seeking new ones to incorporate/design around. There’s a certain set of shapes I am drawn to at the moment that I think are in many ways trending, but I think I put my own spin on them. Movement is also important with my designs and something I am always thinking about especially with earrings and necklaces."

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