ROWA Jewellery

contemporary jewellery designer + enamellist

Vancouver, BC

Alexandra Albu designs and creates contemporary jewellery out of her studio in East Vancouver. Having grown up in Eastern Europe and being influenced by folk art, Alexandra wanted to explore its aesthetics and symbolism further, which led her to create ROWA Jewelry. 


"My mission, through ROWA Jewelry, is to bring colour into people’s lives.


I chose the name ROWA because it phonetically means “dew” in my native language—which brings a certain freshness that I would like to infuse my designs with; through transposing old patterns into colourful modern pieces. I strongly believe that folk art has to be preserved and promoted for the following generations to enjoy."

Inspiration for her first collection came from colourful ethnic European patterns; often found in traditional garments, wall art, and embroidery.

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on her manufacturing process... 

ROWA incorporates the labor-intensive process of vitreous enamelling on precious metals. Each design is a transposition of centuries old European patterns viewed and envisioned as geometric pieces of art. By creating her jewellery, she is extending the life and history of that particular pattern.

Her design process starts with pen and paper, drawing inspiration from European folk art that is found woven into fabrics or carved onto walls. After being conceptualized on paper, the piece is then transformed into a tangible piece of jewellery, which is carefully assessed for design, usability, and feasibility. This can sometimes mean starting from scratch, or making slight alterations in colour or design, all while staying true to the original pattern. 

Once Alexandra decides on a model, she then begins her manufacturing process. Firstly, the jewellery is casted in precious metal and then undergoes a series of manual processes in order to prepare it for enamelling.

Once ready, Alexandra enamels each pice by hand, fusing the vitreous enamel layer by layer. This technique is called champlevé; in which cells are repeatedly filled with vitreous enamel and fired at intervals until the desired depth is achieved. This process of vitreous enamelling creates brilliant colours with a long-lasting finish; perfect for our modern heirlooms.


The last stage of the process is polishing and preparing the piece for wear. The jewellery goes through ROWA's final quality inspection before it is sent off to its new owner.

on the metals, stones, and enamel... 

"Throughout our design, prototyping, and manufacturing processes, we incorporate multiple quality inspection checkpoints, ensuring at each stage that our products are of the best quality.

ROWA is striving to have the smallest amount of environmental impact possible while creating jewellery. Recycled materials are used as much as possible, including packaging and precious metals. We source our recycled silver and gold only from providers that certify, under the highest quality standards available, the purity of the metal. Our diamonds and gemstones are conflict-free, sustainable, and ethically sourced from providers in United States and Canada that are in compliance with the Kimberley Accord. We exclusively use lead-free vitreous enamel for our jewellery. 

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