blue marbled mug

Your future favourite mug. Perfect for those productive mornings or to curl up on the couch and wind down after a long day. 


Made by Jenny Rijke in Iroquois, Canada.


    Ceramic + glaze

    4 3/4" x 3 1/4"


    Care Instructions:

    Hand wash and avoid placing in the microwave. 


    "While most of my work stems from the pottery wheel, I do also utilize hand-built and slip-cast components as I do not feel married to any particular process but rather enjoy process and experimentation which ceramics has endless avenues to pursue.


    Most of my work involves layered and laminated clays. I am interested in the clay body not only as material for making forms or the canvas to adorn but as something beautiful in its own right. Making my own clay bodies and experimenting with marbling, layering and inlaying I enjoy the visual and tactile contrast multiple clays gives the user. Most of my wheel thrown vessels are made through a technique of doubling throwing (where I throw an object within an object) to get the effects of each of the various clay bodies in one pot."

    - Sam Knopp



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