heiko vase

Japanese for a state of equilibrium in which opposing forces are balanced. Use the wooden stopper to hold your favourite single stems. 


The Heiko vase is hand-thrown in porcelain. The natural state of the clay is honoured and left raw, polished to a smooth finish and is juxtaposed with the texture of the crawling “lichen” glaze. The interior is sealed with a clear glaze. This vase is stamped with the MiMOKO insignia and embellished with a 24 carat gold dot.


Measures approx. 5" tall


Every item is handmade with care and will be slightly unique to the one pictured here.


Made by MiMOKO in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


    Porcelain, clear glaze, lichen glaze, 24 carat embellishment


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