abstract artist + textile designer

Vancouver, BC

Gelareh (petitegely) is based in Vancouver, BC and holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, QC. For the past seven years, her main focus has been abstract painting.


Gelareh’s interest in interior style and its relation to the world of Fine Arts has inspired her to create a limited collection of her paintings printed on throw pillows. This collection takes painting and its purpose out of the usual context. They are not only hanging on our walls, but rather lounging with us in our living space. Taking a step away from following trends, these pillow covers are about individuality. While each pillow cover has its own story, character, and name, they all share sharp lines and watercolour stains. The sturdy fabric of these pillows mimics the texture of lightly gessoed canvas that the paintings were originally painted on.


By combining the two worlds of Fine Arts and Interior Design together, Gelareh is hoping to emphasize on the importance of concept and process behind the objects that we surround ourselves with. While excessive consumption is constantly celebrated in today’s modern world, being selective is crucial. 

Portrait photo by Annette Cheung

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