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"From as early as I can remember I’ve loved making things with my hands. One of my favourite childhood pastimes was digging up the clay buried behind our garden shed. I’d spend hours crafting wonky bowls and other oddities and then leave them to bake under the hot New Zealand sun. 


Fast forward a few decades and milestones (getting my visual arts degree in sculpture, teaching children’s art, moving to Vancouver, getting married), and at 29 I was back to where it all started - playing with clay at my first pottery wheel lesson. Throwing on the wheel was a new source of endless creativity and symmetrical perfection. I was hooked.


Just two years later, life hit me pretty hard when I lost my husband just after his 32nd birthday. It shattered my entire world and every plan I’d ever made for the future. It was a stark reminder that every day is a gift, and it’s in our hands what we make of it. It was during this time, thanks to the encouragement of my incredible friends and family, that I made the decision to move into my own studio, and pursue MiMOKO full time.


I’m a big plant lover, so it seemed natural to focus on giving plants healthy and beautiful homes. Taking inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian design, each MiMOKO vessel boasts a clean, minimalist aesthetic with a modern design, walking that harmonious line where form and function meet.


I hope you find a MiMOKO to add that perfect mix of functional sculpture to your home and cultivate your ever growing indoor jungle… because there’s no such thing as too many houseplants!"


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