macdougall studios


Winnipeg, MB

MacDougall Studios is a mother-daughter duo that creates functional and decorative ceramic wares that are contemporary in both form and surface.


Each piece is either hand thrown or cast and then glazed or drawn upon. These unique pieces are developed out of a philosophy that the everyday items we use can be beautiful and bring a sense of well being to our personal spaces. Every one of their products is created collaboratively—from design to production.


"We floated the idea of collaboration for years as we love to share our ideas and work well together when developing a concept. We finally decided to take the leap in 2018. We are excited by small batch designs and one of a kind pieces alike. We aim to maintain a product line that is constantly evolving.


While having a similar design sensibility, working as a team allows us to bring together two different perspectives and creates opportunity for so much possibility and experimentation in the studio. 

Some of the pieces we create feature hand drawn illustrations on their surfaces. Inspired by the role functional ceramic objects play in the way we come together to eat and drink, the images are about connectedness. Drawn with a single line that undulates around each piece, the faces and hands signify togetherness, nurturing, and unity."

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