kat pino


Vancouver, BC

Originally from the Netherlands, Kat Pino moved to Vancouver in 2016 where she designs and makes contemporary ceramic wares with an emphasis on functionality and simplicity. 

With an architect dad, music teacher mom and two brothers in arts and music, Kat came from a very creative nest. After having gone to art school and obtaining her degree in Art History and Cultural Sciences, Kat steered her career into a more corporate direction and landed herself in the copywriting and project management world. 

After nearly a decade, Kat tried her hand at pottery for the first time to add balance to her everyday life. "It started as a way to get out of my head and into my body, but quickly turned into something that made me happy and steer away from the monotony that had taken over my life." And so, after having moved to Vancouver with her husband with no career opportunities lined up, she decided that it was time to give pottery a go full-time!

Kat's creative process always begins at the design phase. From a practical standpoint, she usually conceptualizes products when she identifies a problem that needs solving, or alternatively, when she sees an existing product that could be taken in a different aesthetic direction. 

Her aesthetic is very minimal and inspired by simple and clean lines, shapes, and materials reminiscent of Bauhaus, Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Ray Eames and more. 

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