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Vancouver, BC

Kat originally hails from Perth, Australia but after several years of traveling the globe she has made her current home in Vancouver, Canada.


During her travels she was lucky enough to travel to South East Asia, India, Nepal and throughout Europe. This reignited her passion for textile and surface design after seeing the incredible range of fabrics made by local masters using traditional techniques unique to that particular region.


Kat was inspired to begin creating her own patterns and designs for textiles and to learn more about traditional dyeing and printmaking processes. This inspiration led to the creation of Kaiko and she now produces lovingly hand made products for people and their homes using a combination of traditional and digital techniques.

Kaiko is very conscious of its impact on the environment and is constantly striving to find new ways to improve their production processes. They work with a Canadian manufacturer who uses a digital printing process which uses water soluble inks that results in little to no waste. When using dyeing techniques or hand/screen printing fabric, Kat ensures the use of natural inks and dyes that are also water soluble and septic safe. They try to use exclusively organic fabric, either 100% linen or a cotton/linen blend - both of which only get softer and more beautiful with every use.


All of Kaiko's swing tags and other marketing materials are printed on 100% recycled paper. These kinds of initiatives are of the utmost importance to Kaiko and they try to do better every day.

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