holly young

abstract artist

Peterborough, ON

Holly Young is based out of Peterborough, ON and holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Brock University. Upon graduation she then focused her studies on Interior Design at Sheridan College and hasn’t looked back since.


The elements of design play an important role in the abstract work that Holly creates. “My creative process in the studio is often unplanned, it's a moment by moment evolving process. I mix a palette and the subject matter evolves. I am influenced by moments in my daily life, a cloud in the sky, chipped paint on a building, a song playing in the background. My work is my interpretation of these experiences. Color is a boundless part of my process, seeking to explore combinations that intrigue the senses and reveal the unexpected.”


This collection of collages combines line, texture and pattern which is a consistent theme found in Holly’s work. Each piece is carefully thought out and put together using bright swatches of paint, remnants of fabric and hand painted canvas. Each mixed media collage is an original work on heavyweight watercolor paper.


Holly works out of a home studio which allows her to paint at any time of the day, and also refill her tea mug as often as needed. She has a passion for thrifting, mid-century design and vintage decor. She believes that artwork gives a space energy, personality and tells a story of those who call it home.


“Hopefully there is a sense of honesty and familiarity in my work that resonates with its viewers.”

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