Where do you get inspiration for your fun faces / characters?


I've always been drawn to all things weird, cute and goofy and have a soft spot for folk art. I've never been a fan of things looking too polished and have always loved things that look slightly imperfect and show that a person was involved in it's creation. Since becoming a mom a couple years ago I've really embraced making lighthearted and funny art- life's too short to be too serious :-P

What do you like about working with leather and where did you learn your skills?


I'm a self taught leather worker and have earned so many things about leather through the school of hard knocks (and making many, many mistakes, haha). I love the sculptural quality of working with leather and love that it's a durable material that you can make long lasting creations with. 

Tell us a bit about your studio space!


I work at home in my basement and squeeze in all my work during the evenings and weekends. I sometimes miss having a studio space outside of my house but feel really fortunate to have the space to create at home where I can go and work when I'm struck with inspiration.

danielle wright

contemporary leather and jewellery artist

Hamilton, ON

Danielle hand makes leather bags and metal jewelry in her small studio in Hamilton, Ontario. Her line is inspired by bright colours, organic shapes, and simple silhouettes.


Her products are designed for not-so-serious people who like fun, well made accessories. All items are made in limited editions, with careful construction and lots of love.

some questions we've asked danielle:

How long have you been making bags and coin purses and what got you started?


I've been making bags for around 7 or 8 years. I started making bags just for myself and to give as gifts for friends but things got serious when I started up a company called Falconwright with my friend Sandi Falconer in 2011.


I worked for 4 years collaborating with Sandi on making screen printed leather bags. After taking a hiatus from making things after the birth of my son, I was drawn again to the siren song of working with leather :-) 


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