buttata ceramics


Vancouver Island, BC

Michele is a ceramic artist living on Vancouver Island with her family. She has been practicing the ceramic arts for over 20 years but did not sell one single piece of pottery until the fall of 2016.

"There was a bet made between two friends over the dinner table one evening about whether or not I could sell my pottery. My one friend, convinced that I could, won. My oldest son suggested I make a website and start an Instagram account…and Buttata was born.

Buttata Ceramics are a matter of the heart... Focused on organic and intuitive growth. My mission is to connect people & family – to one another and to the communities in which they live. 

My process emerges out of my context as a mother, islander, and being connected with the outdoors and the natural world. Each piece is made by hand – thrown on the wheel or hand built. No two pieces are identical. My sets are thrown to reflect the fluid nature of the clay which mirrors the natural rhythms of the seasons and outdoors."

Each piece of Buttata ceramics is made with intent to be used for increasing enjoyment and pleasure out of cooking, eating and sharing meals.  The philosophy of Buttata grounds the beauty of the ceramics in the function and rhythm of everyday living.


Buttata glaze colors are inspired by Vancouver Island landscapes and coast lines. Seasonal changes in colour and texture reflect the natural everyday beauty in which the pieces are created.

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