"I am a dreamer.

I have dreams of all sorts:

happy dreams and dark dreams.

dreams for children and dreams for adults,

2D dreams and 3D dreams.

They come to me when I sleep or day-dream.

My job is to materialize them in acrylic or watercolor,

clay or stone, metal or paper – 

whichever form they want to take.

I help the dreams to escape from their ethereal kingdom 

and fill our world 

with their mysterious, irrational beauty."

anyuta gusakova

sculptor + multimedia artist

Vancouver, BC

Born and raised in the port city of Vladivostok on the Russian Far East frontier, Anyuta was exposed to diverse cultural influences from a very young age. Even at the time of the Soviet Iron Curtain and limited contact with the rest of the world, she could still wonder at mysterious images of dragons painted on her Grandmother’s Asian tea set, or gaze at sparkly images of girls with big eyes on a school friend’s pencil case gifted from her father’s business trips to Japan.


Books were another great source of imagery. One of Anyuta’s favorite childhood books was about Russian Folk Toys; another was about Japanese Folk Art. In her home library stood beautiful volumes on Picasso, Mayan temples, Ancient Greek Art and Qi Baishi. Anyuta’s mother brought strange wooden idols with inlaid mother of pearl form her trip to Oceania.


In these ways, folk tales, myths and legends from all over the world captured Anyuta’s imagination as a young girl. As a very sensitive and solitary child, making art was an essential outlet for her feelings and emotions.


Nature became another source of comfort and understanding for Anyuta and was also a great teacher of harmony and beauty. Among Anyuta’s favourite things to draw and paint were animals and magical stories of all sorts. As a child, she completed a four-year traditional art program in Vladivostok.


Trained in European and classical arts in Moscow, she received her Master of Fine Arts, with a major in sculpture.


In 2008 Anyuta moved with her daughter to Vancouver where she immersed herself in the life of making art. Anyuta’s diverse media include sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics and design work.


Her studio reflects a truly magical place where beautiful and extraordinary beasts, beings and dreams are brought to life in her hands.

Portrait photograph by Malcolm Parry 

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