Cardamom is a concept store that features a curated selection of gifts + lifestyle goods focused on aesthetic, quality, and design. All of the brands that we represent are run by skilled artists, designers, and makers who are mindful about ethical production and quality.


We created cardamom to bridge the disconnect between the things we buy and where it comes from. For us, these connections form the narratives behind each piece an artist makes and sharing them is central to what we do. Each story, each artist and each piece is one of a kind.​


When we launched cardamom in 2018, our initial aim was to create an online platform showcasing a selection of objects made by our favourite artists and designers. Since then, we have come to realize that this is but a small part of a much bigger picture. Throughout our first year, we've visited several artist studios, attended and hosted numerous events, and talked to just about any artist, designer, and maker possible. All of this has led to some exciting ideas and we've got some big plans brewing for 2019

… stay tuned! 

Sally + Emma


cardamom carefully curates beautiful gifts and objects

for life + home.

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