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To our incredible supporters, artists, customers, and friends, 

It is with deep sadness that we announce the closing of Cardamom as of December 2019. 

This was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but a necessary one based on the divergence of our individual lives as co-founders. 

The gratitude we feel for your support is overwhelming. It is amazing to consider what we have accomplished in two short years, and the community that we have built and have played a part in is a great source of pride for us. Thank you for supporting Cardamom's talented network of over 50 artists, designers, and makers. This journey is definitely one for the books. 

With all this being said, Sally will be working towards creating a new brand in the creative realm. Please feel free to stay in touch ( and/or follow along (@babytomyum).

Thank you for two years of art, design, and most of all, inspiration.

With love and light,

Sally and Emma

PS – Although Cardamom is no longer, we encourage you to continue your support of the brands we've had the honour to represent. Please click here to access the full list.

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